Beth McKee-Huger, Executive Director

Beth is the Executive Director of the Greensboro Housing Coalition. She advocates for policies which promote affordable housing in safe condition, compiling information from the housing needs and problems of the people that GHC assists every day and pairs it with city-wide data to raise awareness of unmet needs. Beth assures program outcomes and fiscal accountability for the organization. She has a master’s degree in social work and is ordained in the Episcopal church.

Michelle Kennedy, Grants Manager

Michelle is responsible for grant oversight, technical monitoring, and policies.  Prior to joining GHC she worked as a Program Analyst for the North Carolina State Energy Office, Weatherization Assistance Program which focuses on improving energy efficiency and household health/safety for low-income North Carolinians.   Michelle also has many years of experience in the non-profit sector.  She has extensive experience with both state and federal grant compliance and outcome reporting.  Michelle is a licensed Real Estate Broker and holds various building science certifications, including BPI Building Analyst and Multifamily Building Analyst.  “I believe that safe, affordable, energy efficient housing should be accessible to everyone, without exception.  No organization works harder than GHC to achieve those goals and I am proud to be part of this team.”

Thessa Pickett, Office Manager

Thessa enjoys providing administrative and financial support to the GHC Team.  She faithfully serves GHC’s clients with a smile that delivers respect, hope, strength, and generosity.  She is carrying a vision to eradicate homelessness in the Greater Greensboro Community.  She is constantly working towards this vision by reaching out to the literally homeless population.  Thessa’s past experience as a Social Security Case Manager with Crumley & Associates Law Firm coupled with being SOAR trained allows her to assist literally homeless individuals with obtaining permanent financial benefits.  SSI/SSDI Outreach Access and Recovery (SOAR) allow homeless individuals access to a level of the security that is needed when solidifying sustainable housing.  This process will help stabilize a part of our population which often times goes underserved.  Helping homeless individuals reach sustainability increases self worth which increases financial and economic recourse within the Greater Greensboro Community.  Thessa is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management with a minor in Finance with Ashford University.  “I enjoy the opportunity to reach out to individuals that have the greatest need in our community.  Working at GHC solidifies all efforts to increase sustainability amongst the homeless population.  I am happy to know that I am a part of a great team of individuals that are filled with the compassion and skills necessary to make a difference in our city.”

Willena Cannon, Healthy Homes Specialist

Willena is the cornerstone to our Healthy Homes Division and has been organizing the Greater Greensboro Community for 45 years.  She helps people to realize that it is possible to make their lives better.  She has a national reputation among healthy home advocates for her work to eliminate substandard housing in Greensboro.  She has a wealth of knowledge regarding lead paint hazards and other health risks that revolves around unsafe housing.  Willena has an amazing ability to establish a rapport with people which in-turn empowers them to change their circumstances.

Brett Byerly, Healthy Homes Specialist

Brett is a strong tenant landlord advocate, better buildings representative, and healthy homes specialist with a focus on obtaining safe and affordable housing.  Brett came to GHC with a BA in Psychology from East Carolina University coupled with a decade of experience in residential inspections.  Prior to joining GHC he worked at Family Services of the Piedmont with clients which had barriers to help stabilize their housing situation. Brett is also our landlord outreach manager, which means he recruits new landlords in effort to get them to work with clients that have numerous housing barriers.  His experience inspecting the various components and systems in homes/apartments makes housing placement decisions safe for our clients

Dominica Hewett, Healthy Homes Housing Counselor

Dominica helps individuals and families access decent, safe, and affordable housing.  As a Behavioral Health Specialist in the Army Reserve, she has valuable experience helping people with disabilities overcome enormous challenges in order to maintain housing.  She is our Veteran Services Coordinator and our Shelter Plus Care Specialist.  Dominica possesses a strong sense of dedication with regards to the homeless population in the Greater Greensboro Community.

Jana Raczkowski, Healthy Homes Housing Counselor

Jana is a bilingual case manager in the Healthy Homes Division and serves as a housing counselor for any Spanish speaking tenants and homeowners.  Additionally, she is part of the outreach team for Greensboro’s Better Buildings program.  Although her family is orignally from Puerto Rico, Jana has spent most of her life in Greensboro, NC which allows her to be fluent in both English and Spanish.  She loves being able to serve the local Hispanic population, and is passionate about educating and helping others with their housing related issues.  With a BA in Communications from UNC Willimington, Jana is currently seeking her Master’s in Public Affairs at UNCG with a concentration in Nonprofit Management.  ”I have always known I wanted to have a career in advocacy, especially for those who may be vulnerable or oppressed.  I want to be a voice for those who may not be heard.”    Jana is a great asset to the Greater Greensboro Community.  She works tirelessly on various projects in effort to influence local housing policies.  Her goal is to make housing healthy, safe, and affordable for all individuals within our community at large, particularly tenants.

Umba Mwika, Housing Counselor

Umba counsels homeowners and tenants, helps people get into housing, and provides information and referral.  Umba speaks French, Portuguese, Swahili, and other languages from Congo, Africa. She holds a BA in Sociology with a minor in International Relations from Greensboro College.  Why Umba works for GHC,  in her own words:  “I am working at Greensboro Housing Coalition because of my people skills and my friendly and caring attitude towards people.  Coming from a Third World Country I have seen first hand the opportunities and the freedoms in the United States. I enjoy sharing the opportunity and success that I have had with others and showing others how it is possible.”

Michelle Headley, Housing Counselor

Michelle Headley’s dependability, helpfulness, and professional manner serve GHC well as she keeps the organization running smoothly.  She helps homeowners facing foreclosure to take steps in the complex process of negotiating with their lenders.

Monika Gauthier, Housing Counselor

Monika is thorough, compassionate, and committed to helping others.  She is a great asset to the Greensboro Housing Coalition Team that provides excellent service to our foreclosure prevention clients which helps people to keep there homes when experiencing a financial or medical hardship.  She possesses a strong knowledge regarding budget counseling and every other area that involves securing and sustaining a household.

Myron Huie, Peer Support

Myron Huie assists people who have moved from homelessness, as they learn to take responsibility for their new housing.

Denise Willie, Housing Counselor

Denise is an understanding, comforting, and empathetic housing advocate with a passionate desire to prevent homelessness in the greater Greensboro area. As a housing counselor, Denise encourages and motivates people to improve their living situation by being perceptive to their strengths and weaknesses. She is a strong believer that a positive attitude can greatly impact the wealth and health of a community. With her BA in Social Work, Denise utilizes her problem solving skills to provide families and individuals with the tools to not only overcome their housing obstacles but to promote future sustainability practices.

Robbielene Lawhorn, Housing Counselor

Robbielene has 26 ½ years of emergency assistance experience with the Guilford County Department of Social Services, she is encouraging, intuitive, sensitive, and resourceful in finding solutions to the issues facing those in need. She helps to find community based solutions and/or points individuals in the right direction on how to help themselves to become more self-sufficient. She has a BA in Political Science and a MS in Criminal Justice. “I like working at the Greensboro Housing Coalition because it is an organization that lets people know that it is an entity with people who care about individuals who might otherwise feel lost and slip through the cracks without someone to talk to for some measure of support.”